Off Into The Ocean ~

24 Jan

So happy to have silent whispered prayers answered so fast ~ I picked up Chelsea hitchhiking, she has a job online and has been huffing it to Hilo to get internet access for her job. I now have someone including her BF Luke on occasion to come watch the farm so I can leave. Perfect arrangement and they are both thankful for a hot shower and some veggies. The water tanks are running really low here and a shower especially a hot one is golden delicious yum~ I was able to go to the beach today, enjoyed seeing friends and was super excited to shoot a pro photographer it was so much fun. I learned how to do action filming and learned more about ISO and aperture settings, she was my first model and I am very happy with some of the pics and can’t wait to share them once I have approval from the model. No more vacation bookings yet but I am hopeful! I went to the store on Friday and was shocked to see two steaks costing $31.00 a gallon of milk was at $8.49 and the cheapest bread I could find was $5.00 ~ I am learning as fast as I can, thankful for help of tribe and friends… A fun picture from today  ~

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 7.39.19 PM



Our First Bed and Breakfast Guests ~

8 Jan

Check out:

My mind is racing with more ideas to present as offerings here for guests on the farm. So excited and happy to create a beautiful space, this doesn’t feel like a job it feels like fun! Farm flower arrangements are everywhere, I included a box of chocolates in their room and am being considerate of pricing factors. The most expensive thing so far I think is the cost of the scented candles. I need to find an alternative to the pricey store candles and we need more light in the community kitchen for the evening.

My guests are a couple from New York and I was concerned the greeting would go something like this ~ Hi I’m Heather welcome to Kahuna Nani farm! Oh that’s just hunters in the back ignore the gun fire everything is fine. Ahh yes that drooling stinkee dog that looks like he will bite your face off? Yah don’t pet him! Oh that’s a fire ant bite your body will live but your mind will be forever altered by the pain of it. That sound in the back? Oh just a demon hell hog mating with a cow sheep! Ahh that nose in your ass? That’s our dog Sam and his nose will be pretty much up your ass your entire stay. LOL

I put Sam in the house so that was a great option and BahBah is tied up and not barking! Also the teen age roosters that start it off at 3 AM are being really quiet this morning. No strange noises from the back 1000 acre Mac nut farm behind us yah this is turning out alright! I am so happy the good omens abound on this project and look forward to ensuring the comfort, safety, and absolute bliss to future vacation travelers… We have a lot of flexibility here, we can turn the main house upstairs bedroom into two rooms, we have a currently available room in the main house downstairs. My cabin is perfect for two, we have the yellow cabin perfect for two and I plan on building a few more with money that comes in and as well as meditation yoga studio!


Morning Blisee Time ~

6 Jan

Love waking myself up softly and today to both the moon and the sun as one rose and the other fell back to sleep. Last nights potatoes turned into fried potato patties this morning. You can add vegetables to the potato patties and my Swedish and My McKelroy is definitively coming out with this $6.00 per bag cheap and easy food solution. When I was little I always wondered why my Great Grandmother Isabelle Hanson would put rolls and bread from the restaurant table in her bag for later, she went through the great depression, my generation has been spoiled and we must learn to adapt or die. Today we make a Guest Parking sign and get ready for our first vacation guests who come in tomorrow. I am hoping for a good review and hoping BahBah does not cause to much trouble with our guests… eeek ~

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My Office

My Office

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Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 9.31.06 AM

Kitchen Is On Fire Tonight ~

5 Jan

Yummy! My son has two friends over and we need the calories tonight so thought of something fun and yummy to eat! The lower priced thinner cuts of grass fed beef are perfect for making chicken fried steak. One thing no one can beat me at is fried chicken fried steak with brown gravy or fried chicken! Gravy mix packets are only about a dollar and we got some day old biscuits as well for dinner. I mashed some potatoes and left the skin on them as I heard that the skin has the most nutrients in them. We are also making some cacao muffins for dessert and will bake them on the grill in the community kitchen, the boys are hopeful they turn out ok! For their sustenance the boys collected fruit from the property today and we juiced them and added them to the sour orange juice we made from the neighbors blessed bounty gift. My son will eat anything with gravy on it and tonight’s gravy fest went off like a rocket of happy yummy eating! Tummy blessings today! tor2

We’re In It Now ~

2 Jan

Mmmm hands still shaking, knees still trembling ~ just wrote the last check to pay off the farm with almost the last of the money from the sale of my company, it was a bit more then I anticipated. We are now 100% dependent on what this farm can provide for us. I committed to a new life for my son and I. I committed to work hard on the land and to unbind us from that world we came from, the sick corporate banking world of sick society gone asunder. As we shed off the layers, as we melt into this I wont lie and say I am not scared out of my fucking mind. For the last 15 years I had an accountant handle everything, I had an easy life full of money and all the comforts that came with it. I turned it all away to grow this passion to live this life and now we are in it and boy are we in it. For the first time in my life I have to live off a budget as small as a college student, work this farm, and the bed and breakfast angle to assist us in surviving. It’s hamburger now no more lobster ~


Food Fun ~

31 Dec

Perspective is everything, you can look at a garden and point out all the weeds or you can point out all the flowers. We choose, our choice of focus. I found a HUGE eggplant in the kale garden, and have discovered fried eggplant tastes like fried trout (In my mouth anyway)! I sliced the eggplant, dipped them in egg, then dipped them in flour with seasoning and fried in virgin olive oil. Super yummy and we also had corn from our garden for dinner. I have found an easy pickle recipe that has pictures it is here, hoping this one works on our abundance of cucumbers! Last time I tried fermenting sauerkraut I destroyed $200 worth of product so can’t be impatient and take short cuts. The fear of food botulism poisoning is kinda starting to diminish and if I make myself follow the steps canning is most assuredly in the future!


I Got This ~

26 Dec

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 11.35.50 AM My sweet SeaStars are whiz’zzz at cooking! Last night’s Christmas potluck was a cornucopia of interesting things I had no idea what they were. Asking for help solves problems, asking how and getting recipes and actually following them is helpful! Boiling then grilling is a shortcut which I am going to do tonight for our barbeque, being more creative with interesting spices and sauces will help the vegetables go down. I unfortunately made us sick of stir fry so going to get more inventive and obviously hit more potlucks! Also loving the bullet morning shakes you can add whatever to it and drink it down quickly… Also going to attempt to plant Kombucha pumpkin again, not sure why it wont grow here, but we need starches! Once our 37 ULU trees are producing we wont have any food problems again 🙂  ~ we can easily trade Ulu for other stuffs! Excited for tonight and looking forward to our company ~

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 11.33.38 AM
Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 11.33.49 AM
Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 11.33.59 AM

Merry Christmas ~

25 Dec

Amazing when your life changes how thankful you are to have the things you do have! Decided to get some food today (We have been trying to live off a budget and eat off the farm tis a bit more trying then anticipated) and the only store that was open was a Filipino store so this is going to be um fun. Interesting noodle and cross bun combination with some meat! Cant take any more vegetables today so we splurged! Merry Christmas!

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 11.49.08 AM

Fried Potato Cakes + Stir Fry = Stop Laughing!

21 Dec

Ok ~ I can cook really, maybe not the best in da world but I have to figure out inventive things to do with the stuffs were growing… and I love sour cream so here it goes! We need some type of starch all the rice has bugs in it and all I had were organic potatoes so… fried (coconut oil) potato pancakes, with stir fry on top and a dollup of sour cream… There that’s not so bad is it? STOP LAUGHING! 😀 maybe you wont laugh at the amazing chicken dish hmmm? You Maui folks… jeesh 😀

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 6.38.20 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 6.37.51 PM

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Fire ~

15 Dec


She dreams
Her ruminations
Offering her nakedness
To you to write on

Born of fire
She dances
The inimitable

From fire
Into fire

Vying with the flames
She consumes
The fire itself!

Fire draped in fire!

: indira babbellapati