Benches – Banannas – and Burns

15 Apr

mehThe weed whipper is burning a hole in my arm – WHO INVENTED THIS THING? Did they have women try them out or just men? The angle of the engine on my Shindawa hits me exactly on my forearm, I must come up with some type of arm band to stop the perpetual burning in that area. I found a car that was submerged in LAVA – I think, perhaps it was grated to the side of the road with Lava rock, oh well I can imagine! Nothing else to exciting to report, working on projects for the community yadda ~

We went at it with the machetes today and cleaned up the largest of the banana sections. I have fire ant bites all over me ~ ohhhhh it’s ok I don’t wine I’m used to it. I am feminine not a whiny priss so I can take it. My sports background and discipline prepared me for punishment like this arduous labor.

I’m gentle on myself when I need it most ;-) blessings to you and your families -


START GROWING ORGANIC FOOD by the way~ In Love and Light


Planting Seeds

7 Apr

Working on our dream of progressive utopia ;-D – Savored the experience of planting custard apple seeds this morning the fruit is new to me so I am researching it’s nutritional properties, excited to see the custard apple seeds grow in this beautiful space.  Also I am planting a daikon for the first time, this elegant vegetable is new to me and my pallet. Very excited to get off the computer today and get a handle on section four. Woofers are having a blast (cough) pulling weeds today and learning the joys of rainy weather. Some photos of our efforts in the box garden area and the apple custard tree seeds we planted in some super active rabbit poo dirt!

Check out: Custard Apple Health Benefits article:



Brudda Ian

Brudda Ian


Your both gay THERE that settles it!!! ;-D


Pieces Of The Puzzle ~

30 Mar

meAll fitting into place, my life, my choices, all making sense – Perfect Unified Conscience sense! The path as paths always do start out a bit shaky and confusing, but if you hang in there, if you believe, if you have pure love in your heart… The path makes its way known to you – quite deliciously simply laying there in front of you, like pieces of a puzzle all put in place with grace … Namaste ~

Today I was honored in receiving the Gohonzon from Reverend Kamura – A few pics of the day ~






Ummm ~

25 Mar

Umm I can’t believe I grew potatoes. They are supposed to be purple potatoes but they turned out a funny yellow color on the inside and they tasted like a sweet potato so not sure what happened but we ate them along with some yummy carrots and it was a delicious meal!! So excited that the work in the greenhouse is paying off! Container gardening is a great way to consider growing food, clean, easy to manage fewer weeds and less work… Think about using containers! Some images of my fun in the greenhouse!I am letting some things go to seed and am drying the seeds as practice. The wheat grass went to seed and I am drying the seeds now, we shall see what happens! My guidance is extreme connection with consciousness and I learn as I grow ~


Wheat Grass Producing Seeds!!

Wheat Grass Producing Seeds!!




Floating Along ~

24 Mar

angryfarmpuss_1Meditation heaven aside (WHOA there brain chemicals!!!) things are going swimmingly well ~~~ We had a potential new woofer stay with us for a couple of days, he knows how to grow and garden I actually learned a lot from his visit. We are hoping he chooses to commune with us here at the farm when his next stint is up. Hard workers who are awake are welcome as tribal brothers and sisters and are always treated with love and respect with a positive patient approach by us as to their spiritual and conscious development. Helping collect food is a priority and we picked a ton of Okinawan spinach! I have planted under almost every tree and we can feed a large number of people with these righteous edible bushes, look at the SIZE of the one in the photo below!

Swimming with friends and performing blessed water ceremonies was fun over the weekend, being in water is vital for me on the weekends, the grounding assists in the hard work that lays ahead for the week. Thanks to those friends who invited me out for some fun in the water ~~


Listening to Terence Mckenna at night with the woofers, watching the artist paint more dreams, and dancing to music we find as the music finds us… We are blessed ~ Namaste





Kahuna Nani Farm ~

18 Mar

Three years later we have a name! Bestowed on us by a local man who has witnessed the magic happen here. We are growing into a real life thriving community and the blessings keep pouring in and all around! We happily moved all of the ducks today from the large pond to the old chicken area where the dogs can no longer pester them. TechieGramsFarmer and Thomas did a fantastic job redoing the pond in the new duck area! The ducks are quiet and don’t quake and whilst in this area they will be able to breed and propagate without doggie nuisances. Benches are being made, wood piles are being moved, more corn is being planted, and of course I am taking my singleness frustrations out on the lawn with the weed whipper…

I started eating turmeric raw  – that’s about all the excitement ~ Tomorrow it’s my day to hit the beach and cover myself with sand after doing errands ~ YEAH FOR WED!!!



TechieGramsFarmer ~

17 Mar

techiegramsfarmerWe love and appreciate you so much ~ For the quiche for your hard work around the farm and for your strong smile. The healing and the growing and sharing will continue with your hand in the creation of our thriving community…

Stay in light always ~ Your child, who sparkles under your protection and care… with love.



Opening Like a Lotus Blosom ~ Facing FEAR

11 Mar

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 7.58.55 PMI will open like a lotus blossom full of love and knowledge of the Kundalini awakening that is happening in me, I’m stepping out of fear and walking into a gateway full of conscious, present, mindful, loving – intention ~ I understand now this had to happen … Thanks to those who are helping me step out of FEAR… I wont go back into shadow and will stay in love and in light ~

A few pics from this last week – I was invited off property to a barbeque an opening fire ceremony and it was really fun! We tried to take a selfie with a few of us and the freshly consciously culled and blessed duck I brought, the selfie turned out funny ~

The woofers and I got off property on Sat evening and they as well as I enjoyed festivities including painting, massage, dancing – Also my special secret place where I bask in my nudity has fixed their Hot Tub Yeah!!)

I also added a wild piggy breakfast full of our own tomatoes picture for you to witness its juicy goodness!

Live in Love and Light ~~XXXOOO






Smoken ~

3 Mar

Have been so busy up here I don’t know where to start! We got the smoker built and had fun smoking up two wild piggies for the big Friday barbeque! It took TechieGramsFarmer and I a long time to cut up the piggy meat into strips for the smoker. After the meat was cut up in long strips we marinated all of it in an amazing sauce that included diced garlic, chopped green onions, brown sugar, soy sauce, and white wine vinegar. The feast was grand with singing dancing and fantastic conversations centered around unity consciousness and what that really means. A few new people popped awake and it’s always amazing to see that light bulb go off. Serendipitous events and magic filled the air and manifestations of good luck just kept coming all this last week… Was surreal the people I met and the timing… I’m super excited about the smoker! Peking duck anyone? Also I would like to see if we can make jerky with it… ;-)

We also had a tree crew up and they took down the scary tree by the front cabin, so no more worries the tree is gone! Yes that is a moped a used one ;-) tons of new toys!!
















Feasting On Tomatoes ~

25 Feb

organic_tomatoesSuper day today getting ready for the hurka-MOUNGUS barbeque pot luck this Friday here on the farm at six. I think I drug as many as four trees into the bonfire area today including crates and odds and ins of lumber from around the farm. It was fun arranging all of the wood and adding kindling to the bottom so it blazes. We are hoping to have the smoker done in time for this Friday as we have some wild pig to smoke up and I would like to cull probably 6 chickens for barbeque… Were also going to have fresh lemonade ready for Margaritas ~ IF YOU KNOW WHO I AM AND WHERE I AM AM YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US this Friday at 6:00 PM ;-)

Thomas one of our woofers is doing a fantastic job getting his tent and tent floor together, we are adding an additional tent frame (10×20) next to his so we have room for additional woofers. Timothy is still painting my cabin and I am hoping he gets finished soon so he can start on the other cabin walls. His talent in painting is amazing!

I just prepared dinner and it will be a cornucopia of tomato funtasia! I dreamed up a goat cheese salad and added our own dried basil and rosemary – I hope I don’t kill it with the vinegar… OOH I also added a little garlic and chopped onion. We have so so so many tomatoes now and they are absolutely delicious!


I hope your growing in many ways and thriving!!















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