Grace and Gratitude ~

13 Nov

Grace is the infinite wisdom of quiet gratitude, soft lips whispering thank you for all that we have been blessed with. This is a dream and it manifests in love ~

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Sensual Living ~ A Tantric Lifestyle

17 Oct

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 7.24.57 PMThe most important environment in your life is the one that you live in it is your home ~ I have learned the importance of how the energy of others affect the environment and each other as my conscious awareness increases and my healing transformation continues. The stages of development lend new insights into what matters most concerning personal growth for myself and others. If this environment is going to be a secure solid space for the family I wish to create, it will be developed in a heart centered sensually balanced way. Clean, tighty, organized, beautiful, tasteful, flavorful, sensual, calm, quite… centered, focus, balanced. Restorative!

Our homes should reflect the movements in our hearts and souls as well our lives and how we interact with others. Our environment is also a reflection of our inner most presence. Our environment is a direct corollary concerning the richness and vastness of the ever growing spirit connection we have with source consciousness. Sanctuary is blessed and eternally refreshing here and with our mortgage on the farm paid off now and only about $500 per month in bills the stress of that world is gone… The focus is now creating beautiful things, wellsprings of passion such as my new desire to take up photography, my sons desire to learn Piano and Japanese language… We can focus on growth and it is truly bliss ~

To live a tantric life filled with the bliss of our life force energies passion in all things we touch in this world ~ with love, with respect, with awareness, and in harmony.

Some of the key focus points now that I have cleared this space  and we grow anew: I will turn the front cabin into a vacation retreat – Bed and Breakfast for couples and families wishing to experience life on a self sufficient farmstead. People who also might be interested in morning yoga and fresh organic farm tea and a healthy farm breakfast. A place for them to come, relax, enjoy. We will be creating a children’s play area as I intend to ensure this place is child focus friendly as well for visiting families from around the world. This will include a rabbit petting area.  Our farm is a clothing optional space, visiting families will enjoy the pleasantries that are afforded to this sensual lifestyle with fine tuned privacy. My intention is to create walled boundary areas so privacy is ensured around the cabins allowing for personal connections to be stimulated in a natural beautiful setting. We will have a flip sign that let’s children and adults know that intimacy is occurring in an area, we will have multiple areas around the property where intimacy between couples is welcomed. The flip signs will be painted red on one side and green on the other, alerting others of the presence of a couple in an intimate moment. We will have ONE grounds keeper who will attend to all of the property maintenance, building, development, repairs of structures, yard, cleanup garbage hauling, fence line clearing, tree pruning, etc. I am working on developing that relationship now.

Boundaries & Guidelines:

1. Cabins are off limits to children unless invited over or into with the presence of an adult
2. Communication is person to person with no raised voices, there is no yelling through walls or across the yard.
3. Put it back ~ If you use a dish, a towel, a shovel, put it back when finished.
4. Farm food first ~ with the cost of food rising we will make first attempts with meals utilizing farm fresh produce.

I start working on the website this week as well as the content and structure. Amazing that I find myself back in the vacation rental space as I used to own a vacation rental in Lake Tahoe California so this is not new business ground for me and yes it will be a success. Excited to create a magical place of healing for couples and families as well as for our own family here ~ Namaste

Blissee ~

4 Oct

Amazing how quiet and calm and smelling like flowers and candles this house is with fewer people ~ Very happy to have the kitchen back and experimenting with fun new recipes! We have many fruit trees that are starting to bear fruit and it is fun to walk around and pick for the day! The large greenhouse has new fresh seeds coming up and we are excited to have some more organic corn. I have guests visiting and am testing out the high possibility that the cabins will be used as vacation guest rentals. Projects this coming week will include finishing the bathroom off of my cabin, painting the large duck house, culling chickens, and yard and garden fun stuffs… Excited for the photo shoot this coming Wednesday with the other performers for the Halloween show, I will be in my sword dancing attire and excited to play with friends.. Hope your growing! :-D Some pics from this month so far…

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 5.38.19 PM
Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 5.39.20 PM

Making custom salve for guests ~

Making custom salve for guests ~

I'm helping sell t'shirts for our group

I’m helping sell t’shirts for our group

Fill it Up ~ Sketee Sauce Taco’s

22 Sep

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 9.46.39 AMMmm sketee ~ Well enjoy the picture of my newest creation the Sketee Taco (With cheese) ~ urp.  These last few weeks have been so unbelievably busy it’s hard to grasp how much change and movement is happening. All good things listen and learn, twist and move, morph into something dynamic, healthy, loving, and beautiful. The changes we see here with the movement of the lava which is advancing towards the town of Pahoa is bringing with it a choice for many… Just how hard do you want it? Stay on the cut off side or morph, jump into growth and new opportunities? Many of my friends are heading to Hilo or Maui, a few are going to Oahu, a few have chosen to stay in lower Puna and take it. Grateful as hell source led me to this spot thankful for intuition, it has NEVER let me down before… So grateful we are not in harms way! There are sustainability meetings happening around the area and these leaders are coming up with some amazing ideas, beautiful to see commUNITY come together.

The love bird woofers get back soon, I have been working hard prepping and planting all growing spaces… Grandma is planning on moving back to the mainland, she has friends and other family who miss and love her and she will have more fun and less work back home on the mainland! LOVE to Grandma as she travels back to normal society and comfort!

Got a new truck, almost finished with the outdoor kitchen! If I could find a plumber that would be awesome ~ Need help and direction designing the space and making priority list… Were going through this money to fast and I have GOT to find away for this farm to sustain itself… Thinking vacation rentals or Bed and Breakfast?

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Bee Love ~

7 Sep

IMG_4628When you are truly living not just talking about it but actually LIVING your truth, standing hard in it well that’s the stuff of gold friends… I had the pleasure of going to a bee tending class at Jen Bee’s place over the weekend. We started off with a fantastic talk with Jen explaining bee behavior, types of bees, as well as her natural common “sense” approach to taking care of bee’s and many other bee study stuffs. We had a fantastic potluck with lovely local fruits and veggies as well as some home made kombucha!

We were all sitting on the couch eating our lovely dishes with bee tending books surrounding us… I picked up one of the books and opened it to find this beeUtiful poem…


Up spake their queen and thus spake she -
“This is a matter that rests with me,
who dares opinions those to form?
I”ll tell you when it’s time to swarm!
Buzz, buzz, buzz

Her Majesty wore an angry frown,
in fact her majesty’s foot was down!
Her majesty sulked – declined to sup
In short her majesty’s back was up.
Buzz, buzz, buzz


We all proceeded to start dawning on our bee keeping suits, with thick gloves and wide netted hats and long sleeve shirts, long pants and toe shoes to prepare to meet the bees. It was my first time looking into a bee hive and I was excited and I wanted to be properly prepared as we all did. The fear of the unknown and bee stings on our mind… We marched down to the first bee hive honey buckets in tote!

Out of the corner of my left eye came a figure, I had heard about Jen and her amazing skills but I had no idea what I was about to witness. We know our minds, we know our spirits, we know our connectivness. We understand our “sense” of things and our abilities… I don’t know why after all of the miraculous things I have witnessed, I don’t know why after all of the divinity I see around me and the understanding and connection with nature; why I would be so surprised when I saw her. There were tears forming in my eyes and trickling down my face as Jen Bee walked up to the beehive, — no suit, no gloves, nothing but her love of them… By the end of the day on the last hive, we were all comfortable enough to take our layers off, take our fear off and we enjoyed the bees with Jen bee ~ Thankful for meeting you Jen and for your amazing gift as well as you gift of teaching and sharing your knowledge! ahhhhh oh I mean buzzzzzz :-D



Activism ~

3 Sep

There are stages of awakness that we go through ~ The first one is understanding the truth of this world, the second is yelling screaming and complaining about it, and the last stage is realizing petitions, voting, pointing fingers, and flat out bitching about it is NOT going to work and that you have to commit your body, mind, spirit to changing the paradigm by developing a new one. The last stage of activism is the most difficult one as it demands physical labor on rebuilding community through hard work and commitment even in the face of the most difficult hardships. At this stage a true activist is not sitting in front of their computer reading over and over the same gumble of we all ready know that. At this stage the activist has committed everything they have to building a new system and new way of living. This person is up early, goes to bed late, and works damn hard at creating a new way of being in nature for nature and for love of humanity and community.

So at this stage if you haven’t committed your body, mind, spirit to the land and are sitting at a computer still bitching about the status quo… Your not an activist, your not a solution provider, your part of the problem… So how about ya get up and plant a fruit bearing tree, how about ya get up and help those who have committed to changing this world, how about ya get up and quit your whining and bitching and DO SOMETHING about it.

15 Tips For Going Off Grid! Do What You Love & Stop Being a Debt Slave

“We must do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a living. We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everybody has to be employed at some kind of drudgery because, according to Malthusian-Darwinian theory, he must justify his right to exist. So we have inspectors of inspectors and people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors. The true business of people should be to go back to school and think about whatever it was they were thinking about before somebody came along and told them they had to earn a living.” ~ Buckminster Fuller


Naughty By Nature ~

2 Sep


I Wont Let Go ~

1 Sep

IMG_4551 mmm ~ We are set in time to be exactly where we are intended, to make a choice, to learn a lesson, to be inspired through love and compassion of others in our daily lives and interactions … Yesterday (Sunday) we set upon Kehena beach to ground in the ocean and enjoy community as well as to prepare our spirits for the work week ahead many of us who toil on the earth… Kehena beach is notorious for its large quick waves which can turn dangerous quickly and without warning, the current is strong and the beach has claimed its share of fatalities.

I stood there on the sand, with the waves coming up to my knees watching the movement of the ocean, enjoying the scent, hearing the drum circle behind me and then the sense came. The women and child were on my right hand side playing in the waves. As they started to come in front of me something shifted, its a sense you have, an instinct which is hard to describe in words. The women and child walked in front of me and as the wave hit them. I prepared my body to catch the child and positioned myself closer to them. As the wave hit the mother scooped up what appeared to be a 3 year old in her right arm , as she used her left arm for balance and in a moment in that moment the wave started to curl out sucking her and the child with it.

I ran up to them just as she lost her footing, her feet falling out behind her and with her arm still clutching the child she threw her other hand out to me. I grabbed her hand. It happened so quickly so unbelievably fast and then another shift as I sensed this became a serious situation,  the pull of the ocean became stronger and it felt like an eternity with us clasping each others hands holding against the tug of the ocean. Everything seemed to freeze around us, the sounds, the smells, the others. I felt her fear as she curled her head to her chest holding tightly to her child, with our hands clasped together I knew my arms weren’t strong enough so I put the weight of them on my legs and I dug my legs into the sand as hard as I could to hold them both.

The current was strong and I thought to myself doesn’t anyone see this? Is anyone else coming to help us? I realized in that instant there wasn’t time enough for them to make it to us, it was just us… I held strong within that moment I let her know with my body and with my clasp and with my heart that no matter what… I would not let go! No matter what happens I would not let go! … I could see the next wave forming behind them, if we don’t move now the child and mother would be swallowed by it. I pulled as hard as I could to get her on her feat, the oceans pull softened and with a tug she was back up with the child safely in her arms … They walked up out to the beach both fine.

When I came back upon the shore an older women came to me and said, “I witnessed that and I was prepared  to help you.” I thanked her and we stood there holding each other, smiles on our faces with gratitude that all turned out well…

Mmm the thought of the women and child are in my mind today, the sense of fear and disbelief of how quickly things can change that I sensed from the mother still strong in me. Today I will commit my body to work the earth to grow abundance to share with others. The connections, the stories of real life events, the small interactions no matter how large or small they seem all add up to help us to commit to our true purpose, to continue with love in our hearts of others that we might create a better place for all of us and especially the children. To community with love, to tribe with love, to brothers and sisters with love, I commit that I wont let go…

In Love and Light ~

Happy Happy – Fun Fun Weekend ~

25 Aug

IMG_4471Melissa had a fantastic Birthday party which included some amazing masseuses – having two people massage your slick body at the same time is awesome ya gotta try it – Thanks Kiva! The drum circle was “chunting” and the amazing Amanda had her 3D lit light hoola hoop which turned the night into a spectacular show of flying lights! We all slept over in a giant “cuddle puddle” and snuggled in CommUNITY! The next bright and early morning after having a delightful breakfast at space and running into many friends I hit the road to Karen’s house for some tribe style Hurricane clean up mode and we chucked a LOT of wood that day into piles, dinner was amazing and a rowdy game of Apple’s to Apple’s helped us end the night…I got to make breakfast and enjoyed strolling around the beautiful landscape collecting fruits for the morning fruit plate. I discovered at least 4 fruit types which I have never seen before and still don’t know their names. Finding fun things to feast on especially new fruit types is such joy!

eDance with Max as the DJ was phenomenal, everyone at dance went off in tandem, in unison, together to the music and we all went OFF in THERE! … ahhh and I was able to make it down to Kehena and see it for the first time after the storm! The beach has gotten much bigger and you can see a new cave has opened up. Very happy there was a sweet man to help pull me out of the water today, it was rough and I am grateful for his presence :-) some photos of the weekend… and THANKS THOMAS for bringing me my sandals!

Also a note on Squiggly: We found him a home on a larger farm that already had a large pig presence so he can be with friends :-D he is well and will have a good life.

Hurricane Iselle ~

9 Aug

Such a pretty name to pack such a whallUP ~ we are very thankful that there was no structural damage! We lost tents and tarps and a few trees ~ My head met a flying door I thought I could stitch it but the gash was to large… so ended up in the hospital! Apparently this storm was downgraded to a tropical storm, next time we will ensure that we have enough plywood to board up windows and doors… I have a new found respect for doors especially!

Some photos from the “Event” we have another storm moving in should go up and around us… I am hearing reports that some areas in lower Puna will have residents locked in for weeks as there are thousands of downed trees going in or out of that area. We are considering hiking in supplies to anyone who might need it in this area. Please check on friends and neighbors who are close by to you to ensure they have what they need and are ok!



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